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Amir Peled

"The course provides a lot of food for thought and clearly illustrates some of the things we could try doing differently here. I cannot wait to reach its conclusion; at the meantime, I do my best to share with my peers (including management team) some of the insights I gained so far and challenge, without criticizing, how we are approaching our ambitions."

Carole Joy

"Michael’s training helped me to capture the agile culture at a deep level of understanding, which seems much more valuable to me than any technique.”

Chris Foley

"I found myself quickly clearing myself of pre-conceived biases and open to listening to new ideas and to take those ideas on board. I found myself visualizing the "star on the horizon" that I would like to aspire to and that I hope my organization will grow towards. I liked how the "Agile Leadership" training never dwelled on Product or Release related topics, instead focusing on People and Culture. The simple mindset change of "growing the Organisation" resonated with me, as did the concept of growing a "Culture Bubble", as opposed to trying to change an entire Organisation... 

I found the format of the training very helpful, through pausing the videos, reading reference material such as the Case Studies, reviewing earlier module notes, I probably spent twice as long completing the course as if I were physically attending the course, but that is ok, as I found the material very useful and engaging and I wanted to ensure that I had taken sufficient notes. I found having not only Michael leading the course but also having the commentary of the participants in the video very helpful, as it didn't feel as though I was following the course all on my own with my laptop. Lastly, I thought the times for reflection, the times to do exercises on my own, inter-mingled with the video were very useful."

Nolan Shulman

"This week my company launched a new network in Italy with two of the biggest online gaming companies in the world. Getting through the regulatory bodies was a grind and I knew it would be our most challenging release to date. Under extreme pressure, we got the performance of a lifetime out of the two teams assigned to launch this network. We basically just got out of the way and let the team shine. We have been getting congratulatory emails all day from members of the board, my CEO, CTO, COO, etc... Wouldn't have happened without my 5 days in CAL. Wanted to share with you how appreciative I am"
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